Delivering effective marketing campaign today requires coherent and vibrant design, from blog articles, to landing pages, and video. In fact, every piece of creative work requires it, the industry expects it, and customers demand it. So, in order to be successful, you’ll have to find that place where your design and creative work are best, and where your team of creatives forms the perfect unit.

The way to achieve this is by using design or creative collaboration effectively, but this has the potential to drive you up the wall. It’s almost a certainty, put several creatives in one room and…

Spreadsheets have traditionally been used by ad agencies to track approvals, timelines, assets, resources and more. But as modern ad agencies and the needs of their clients have changed, so too have their needs when it comes to managing agency projects.

Unfortunately, spreadsheet programs like Excel or Google Sheets lack the flexibility to manage project resources in the modern world. As agencies have grown and found more success, they’ve also found that managing increased volumes of clients, projects and up-to-date information via spreadsheet has become inaccurate, inefficient, and ineffective. That’s where agency management software comes in.

Admation is an agency…

Marketing managers and creative teams know how much time, resources and effort goes into producing creative work. It’s a unique beast, and as a result, each business approaches it a little differently. There is growing recognition that Creative Operations is turning it into a discipline of its own. Creative operations most generally is defined as the art and science of managing the creative process. And it’s not just about the projects of marketing agencies, either. Its about how to manage the workflow to produce creative projects from start to finish. In any team, anywhere.

While it sounds a little like…

Admation is a marketing project management tool and approval workflow software that helps marketing teams, ad agencies, brands, digital and retail teams to manage the complete creative project life-cycle, from briefing, through to task allocation, resourcing, managing feedback and approvals, and storing final assets.

Designed specifically for marketing teams and ad agencies, it provides the benefit of integrating all the features they need to manage their projects seamlessly into one tool.

What Challenges Does Admation Solve?

Creative projects involve a large number steps and components that are all cogs in the marketing machine and influence the ultimate outcome of the project. And with many steps…

No matter how busy you get in the marketing game, everything needs to be checked over for quality assurance and accuracy. It is totally essential to proof every asset in your campaign, as errors can prove to be extremely costly.

Not only do you stand to lose clients if their campaign has errors in it, but your brand can be damaged to the point of no return and in some cases, you could be liable for legal action if errors are defamatory.

So running a fresh set of eyes on all facets of your project is essential to make sure…

Effective marketing has now become more important than ever for a successful business. The tempo of marketing has also increased as many businesses are seeking that competitive edge in the market. That means more ads, more content, more concepts, more proposals, and more presentations.

The problem is that many businesses continue to use a traditional “chain of command” process for reviewing and approving marketing projects. Inevitably, at some stage, this leads to project delays, budget blowouts, frustration, and irritation. These delays lead to wasted time and missed opportunities, a bad combination for any effective marketing process.

So, you’re probably thinking…

It’s a simple fact, marketing has always been important for any business to drive sales, improve brand awareness and achieve success. Today, it’s more important than ever in times where a competitive market expects more innovation, more creativity, and better engagement.

But here’s the problem, it isn’t getting any easier. Marketers have to deal with countless meetings, tighter deadlines, and increasing demands, all while they have to manage their workflow and monitor campaigns to deliver the results clients, or their business demand.

Because of this, it’s increasingly important that teams have an effective marketing approval workflow to better manage their…

Marketing teams and advertising agencies are juggling a lot when it comes to projects. There are tenders, fierce competition between other agencies, approval processes, assets, legalities, and a raft of other factors that need to be managed correctly for your campaigns to be a success.

With so many moving parts, there is also plenty of scope for errors that can prove to be highly costly and lead to project management failure. Some of the leading causes include:

1. Not having total visibility of the project
In the modern-day, we have stakeholders that are potentially spread across the globe and collaborating on…

So you’ve finally selected your project management software and you can’t wait to roll it out to your wider team. When implementing your project management software, it’s crucial to ensure that you adopt the best strategy and involve the right stakeholders.

Drawing on years of industry experience and feedback, we’ve put together admation’s top tips for getting the most out of your new project management software.

1. Pick an optimum time to implement your new project management.

Implementing your new project management software at the busiest time of the year is only going to put more pressure on your teams. Potentially, this will drive them back to what they know best…

COVID-19 has forced many industries and professions to re-think how they operate in order to stay afloat. For those typically working in office spaces, many have made the move to working remotely. Marketing operations and creative teams in particular, have had to abandon their offices and the many of the processes that go with them, quickly figuring out how to deliver the same output with remote work.

For those used to the 9-to-5 workday and the daily commute to their workspaces, COVID-19 profoundly changed the way that many marketing and operations teams conducted work. …

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Marketing Project Management Software for marketing teams and creative agencies.

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